18 November 2013
#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Author : Wenxueliu
# Data   : 20130828
# Commant: abstract from openstack swift
# Lience : Apache 2.0

import functools
import re

def command(func):
    Decorator to declare which methods are accessible as commands, commands
    always return 1 or 0, where 0 should indicate success.

    :param func: function to make public
    func.publicly_accessible = True

    def wrapped(*a, **kw):
        rv = func(*a, **kw)
        return 1 if rv else 0
    return wrapped

class Manager():
    """Main class for performing commands on groups of command.
       1.you can add method with @command decorate as method
       2.if the command success make the status not 0
       3.you can add args in __init__ of  Manager more.
       you can feel it so beautiful

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        ##here init the class  

    def start(self, **kwargs):
        """starts a server
        status = 0
        ##here add you code
        print "start "
        print kwargs.items()
        status = 1

        return status

    def stop(self, **kwargs):
        """stops a server
        status = 0
        ##here add you code
        print "stop"
        print kwargs.items()
        status = 1

        return status

    def get_command(self, cmd):
        """Find and return the decorated method named like cmd

        :param cmd: the command to get, a string, if not found raises

        cmd = cmd.lower().replace('-', '_')
            f = getattr(self, cmd)
        #this handl the cmd without in the cmd list. +++
        except AttributeError:
            raise UnknownCommandError(cmd)
        if not hasattr(f, 'publicly_accessible'):
            raise UnknownCommandError(cmd)
        return f

    def list_commands(cls):
        """Get all publicly accessible commands

        :returns: a list of string tuples (cmd, help), the method names who are
                  decorated as commands

        get_method = lambda cmd: getattr(cls, cmd)
        return sorted([(x, get_method(x).__doc__.strip())
                       for x in dir(cls) if
                       getattr(get_method(x), 'publicly_accessible', False)])

    def run_command(self, cmd, **kwargs):
        """Find the named command and run it

        :param cmd: the command name to run
        f = self.get_command(cmd)
        return f(**kwargs)

def simple_main():
    command = "stop"
    options = {"1":"a", "2":"b"}
    manager = Manager()
    if command in dict(manager.list_commands()).keys():
        status = manager.run_command(command, **options)
        print "you command haven't defined"

if __name__ == "__main__":