29 December 2011

welcome to my blog, I am appreciate write blog in this way. thank Jekyll, markdown and git. Focus on your writing and easy to blog is her philosophy.

If you want to start blog. Now I will show you how I get my blog look like this respectively.

these knowledge are requirements:

*   Basic knowledge git, and a github account.
*   Knowledge of a pragram language. May be c, python, ruby, perl and so on. ruby is prefer.

may you haven’t either of them. don’t worry, these site will be nice for you.

*   [how to use git][]
*   [how to get a github account][]
*   [how to learn a language hard way][]

I hope you start follow before you have these knowledge.



If you want to learn markdown, [this site](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/)  is perfect.    [this is a perfect site] (https://stackedit.io/#)supporting preview,save and share markdown file